MOOC? What’s a MOOC?!

Reading about MOOCs in the Chronicle was helpful but this isn’t the place where I really came to understand the concept of a MOOC.  That came from a woman on Ball State’s campus named Christy Blanch.  Christy is a doctoral student who really loves comic books!  She will be teaching a MOOC within the coming months, if she isn’t already. 

MOOCs are massive open online courses.  Basically, anyone from anywhere in the world can sign up for a MOOC, for free.  The idea is to offer a truly expansive education because students will be interacting with others from all over the world.  Not only does the course intend to teach its subject matter but also diversity, and how to work well with others.  All of which are skills a learner can take to the bank.

While online education is not known for being the most effective learning tool, MOOCs are hoping to turn the tables around.  Since they are so new, it will take a few years to determine their effectiveness.  I hope that this new, open access educational tool lives up to the hype.


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