TWIC: Texting While In Class

I have to admit it; I am extremely guilty of this.  I have definitely texted during my graduate classes.  I did it all throughout high school, my undergraduate, and now here.  Why would it be any different?  I graduated my high school with a 4.0; I graduated the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a 3.6; currently I have a 3.8 at Ball State.  I do not think that my technology use really impedes my grades.  I know I could do a lot better if I turned off Hulu or Netflix and did my reading but what is the point?  Why would I stop doing something entertaining to do something that at times is extremely boring?  If I’m doing well then its fine. 

Unfortunately, this is a commonly held belief by our students.  How can I advise students to study more when I can’t get myself to do it?  That’s hypocritical and that is not who I am.  However, there are plenty of students out there who think they know what they are doing but when you look at their grades it is another story.  Students are not taking accountability for their grades.  It is always, “I was in the wrong major” or “I couldn’t understand my professor because he is Chinese.”  Rarely do you hear students saying, “I partied too much, that is why my grades suck” or “I just didn’t try.”  The use to technology in classrooms is only making those students who skate by suffer even more.  I always admired the teachers who did not allow us to have computers in class because to me they really got it.  And because of that rule, I was always their’s for 50 minutes every MWF, no one else’s.


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