UW-Madison Scorecard


I will admit, I am extremely proud of my undergraduate institution.  I LOVE being a badger.  I have been one in spirit since I was a little girl.  I officially became one in 2010.  Graduated as one in May of 2012.  Ever since then I have been boasting about Sconnie Nation with no intention of stopping.  Honestly, that is student affairs for you.  You fall in love with your undergraduate so much that you want to keep living that experience for the rest of your life while helping other students do the same.

Now, all this talk about persistence has really got me thinking about the UW in a way I had not before.  The Department of Education recently released Scorecards on every higher education institution in the United States.  Wanting to continue my boasting, I looked up Madison.

Luckily for me, Madison has a lot to boast about.  The cost is in the low medium range at a little under $15,000 per year.  They graduate 82% of students within 6 years, which is on the high side of the high end of the scale.  Also “1.4% of borrowers defaulted on their Federal student loans within three years of entering repayment.”  The national average is around 13%.  Madison must be doing something right.  On Wisconsin!

Read More at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/issues/education/higher-education/college-score-card


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