Community Colleges

Watson’s article and Mellow’s Article on the Community College: 

            This text really resonated with me as I am currently researching the effect diverse populations have on the community college classroom.  Open access admission policies make it so anyone, regardless of past educational experience, can attend.  All you have to have is a GED or a high school diploma.  When I took community college courses there were students who barely could read and there were people who already had degrees from UW-Madison.  In particular, my math class was very much like this.  I seemed to be the only person who understood the math.  I could do it without the instructors help but still I never missed a class.  Watching her try to instruct the students always made me laugh because it was so easy.  I did not understand how they weren’t getting it.  But without fail, it would take her the entire class period to solve two problems.  I had almost finished my week’s worth of homework by then.

            I think I found two great sources for my community college Q&A paper!  Yay! 


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