My Turn to Brag!

My Turn to Brag

The Chronicle of Higher Education website has a great resource entitled, “College Completion.”  It shows research based on longitudinal studies.  Of the 4.3 million students who enrolled in college in 2004, the site shows what types of institutions they graduated from and in what numbers.  The number one school is the University of Illinois-Champaign with close to 6,100 students.  Going down the side with the largest chunks, eight Big Ten schools are listed.  As an alumnae of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, one of the eight schools, I was thrilled to see this.  I feel as though I have to defend my education constantly.  However, to see Big Ten schools graduating some of the largest populations of students makes me SO HAPPY.  It’s like, in your face sucka!  My school is better than yours!  I must admit that validation is pretty nice.

Also, this is a great resource as you can break down the results futhur through the use of filters.  These filters include: institution, state, etc.

Want to see where your school or state ranks?  Take a look using the website below:

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