Since When Am I In The Girl Scouts Again?


The idea of earning badges after completing online courses reminds me of the Boy/Girl Scouts.  I made it up to a Junior in the Girl Scouts and earned numerous badges for various things.  I wore that green vest like it was no one’s business!  However, the idea of doing something like that for higher education makes me upset.  Obviously students would not wear badges on their clothing to reflect the course work they have taken; however, they would put it on their resume, cover letter, etc. 

Personally, I think it is just another way for certain people to be kept out of the workforce.  No matter if it is online or in the classroom, certain groups are more likely to attend college than others.  Certain groups will have certain badges and others won’t have any at all.  How is that fair?

            I think I will have to do more research on this matter in order for me to really understand. 


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