Wrapping Up


To wrap up a semester’s worth of reading and learning is not easy.  However. I think GOT’s Chapters 7 & 8 did a pretty great job.  The whole point of this course was to show what a typical, American college student faces on the day-to-day.  What that student has in store for his or her future.  What that student’s children have in store.  And the truth is, no one knows!  We can make as many educated guesses are possible but there is no way to predict it with 100% accuracy.  However, as student affairs professionals we can look at everything, every aspect, and prepare ourselves for the future.  I know because I have taken this class and learned more about the typical American college student that I can successfully do my job. 

Thanks Dr. Latz for being one of the coolest, more dynamic teachers I have ever had.  You certainly made reading that much cooler!


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